Social Media & Branding What do you Do?


Utilizing social media to access potential customers is vital in the modern competitive marketplace. It is a fact that these days, the most successful businesses are those which use every online avenue to promote their branding in order to gain new clients and encourage repeat custom. Dental offices are no different in this respect than any other marketable company and the most dynamic offices are now maximizing their revenue by tailoring their online content to different social media platforms and the types of clients who are likely to make use of each. Developing a clear marketing strategy for focusing on each platform enables your dental office to become Search Engine Optimized to assist new customers in finding your practice while providing useful advice and further treatment opportunities for existing patients which encourages them to remain with your practice and also benefiting from online referrals to potential future patients.

The Blog

Simple but effective, offering a blog as part of your existing website enables patients, both existing and potential, to interact with your practice. While promoting your own brand, you can offer helpful information, outline new treatments and promote exciting new developments in the industry of which your clients may wish to take advantage. Blogs are key to promoting your business as 57% of companies have been found to have obtained a client via this avenue.


The most obvious social media channel with countless visitors every day, Facebook is a great way to connect with a huge and diverse range of people. Existing customers who like your page will hopefully bring you further business through their network of friends and acquaintances who will be introduced to your practice via their timeline.


Quicker and easier to update than Facebook, Twitter has, for some time, been regarded as one of the most powerful advertising platforms. Requiring only a maximum of 140 characters per post, it is not at all time consuming to tweet regularly with patient updates, links to your own company webpage and follow other industry related Twitter accounts to keep yourself in the public eye.


Not an immediately obvious avenue of social media to pursue, YouTube can nevertheless be a useful weapon in your marketing armory. 4 billion videos are viewed on this website every day, so you can get some idea of the range of potential clients you could be reaching. Uploading creative and imaginative videos of new treatments or positive patient reviews will encourage your customers to share your content with their wider social network and thus promote your business.


Don’t underestimate the usefulness of a Google+ network to your dental office. Using Google’s own social media platform has a positive influence on your search engine ranking and its sharing feature has been shown to increase traffic to your homepage.

All of these platforms have been tried and tested and have been proven to have a positive effect on increasing business and revenue. Don’t underestimate the power that social media can have on your brand – take advantage of it today.