Branding and How To Stand Out

When developing and selling a product or a service branding is very important. There are five ways that a business can make their brand stand out among the crowd.

 Find a Halfway Point

It is important for a company to expand their point of view and look at things from a different angle. Customers are not going to do the extra work to find out about a new brand or a service that is being offered. The company has to meet the customer in the middle. They need to find out what the buyers and interested in. Advertising should also be kept short and sweet.


A company should be able to market their brand no matter where they go. It should stand out and should be familiar to people. For example a yellow board was put up around London and it looked like police banners to most people. They then took pictures and shared it on social media. This got the attention of the customers and got them talking about it online.

Branding and How To Stand Out

 Experience is the Key

The design of the package and the use of the product should be customer oriented. While having an attractive design is a good think the design should be able to solve a problem and meet the need that the customer has. When it comes down to it customers want a connection with the product and a strong reaction if it is the one they are going to purchase.

 Use a Softer Approach

There is so much going on in the digital world. If a business tries to take a simpler and a quieter approach things may actually work out in their favor. They may get noticed among all the clutter that has taken over the online world. It is best to focus on word choice and one simple idea that will really stand out. This will be much more effective than a number of flashy ads that do not have too much to say about the company.

 There are Times When Bad is Good

There are a number of ads that are designed to attract attention. An example of this is “ Protein World’s Are You Beach Body Ready?” ad. This attracted a lot of attention on the internet and social media posts. This company was able to attract 5,000 countries in four day time period. Some many wonder if this campaign is good or bad. No matter what it definitely got attention.…

Best Practices When Designing a Webpage

Best Practices When Designing a Webpage

When designing a webpage it should be attention getting and easy to use. When a person is designing a webpage they may lose interest with all the work that goes into it and begin to take shortcuts. There are some things that a person should not ignore due to tiredness.

Design with Conversions in Mind

While WordPress and similar sites a popular a person should select a design that will work on a number of different devices and computers. Instead of using large graphics a person should use smaller bits and pieces so that it is able to use on different platforms.

Add a Call of Action

Many people forget to add a clear call of action. They should have something that tells a customer what to do. This can include click here to email us, or give us a call today. A web designer should pay attention to the size and the shape of their call of action features. It should be easy to see and easy to use.

Easy to Use Search Box

While a navigation system is needed and helpful on a webpage for some users this will not be enough. A feature including a plug in or a Google Search box will make the site easy for the user. The search box will allow a person to find exactly what they are looking for. A person has to make sure the search box fits in with the overall design of the site and will be a benefit to the overall webpage.

Easy to use Shopping Cart

There are many different kinds of shopping carts to use on the site. The shopping cart should be user friendly so that a person can make their purchases without a problem. They should give the user a summary of what they are purchasing as well as a picture of the items they are buying. The shopping cart should also give the person a subtotal of their purchase amount. The icon for the shopping cart should be easy for a person to recognize. The checkout process should also be easy.

Error Pages

Designs tend to make interesting error pages with the intent that a customer will not see them often. There are some things that should be included in the error page. An animation that states what the error is will go further with people that just the number of the error.


This is often something that goes overlooked. The typography should be easy to read and the font should be clear.

These are just things web designer have to be on the lookout for. Their site should be visually appealing and user friendly to keep people coming back. Check out another great article about how tos of web design here. 

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